Authored by Kaitlyn Dever

Steps to Fix IIF Import Errors in QuickBooks Desktop

Before we begin the process of resolving IIF File Import Quickbooks Desktop, let us first understand how to import these types of files in QuickBooks Desktop correctly: Step 1: Open your QuickBooks company data file and log in as an administrator. Step 2: In this step, you must first switch to single-user mode and then click on File. Step 3: After clicking File, navigate to Utilities, then import, and finally IIF files. Step 4: In this step, click browse search, locate your IIF file, and then click open. Step 5: After a while, QuickBooks will send you a confirmation pop-up indicating that your data has been imported; click Ok. This is how IIF files are imported into QuickBooks; let us now look at the various types of errors and how to fix them.

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